About Us

Mlinko Hair Salon was founded in 2008 by Barbara, first starting out in the Orchid Hotel.

The salon became busier as Barbara’s reputation increased among local people within the area and as such was accompanied by a nail technician to enable Barbara’s business to offer more services to her clients.

In 2014, the Hotel fell under new ownership and was forced out owing to a full refurbishment. Barbara was forced to find an alternative premise in which to operate from.

Throughout several months various opportunities came up, whilst she continue to service her clients from their homes as a mobile hairdresser, however never lost hope in finding a Salon in which she could be based.

Finally in October 2014, Barbara found somewhere suitable and struck a deal with the Landlady in November. allowing her to get to work straight away in refitting the new salon.

Excited to get started the contractors were under pressure to have the refurbishment completed by December, and as such managed to open the Salon in January 2015, providing Barbara with a new base to operate from and a professionally refitted salon to offer a pleasant atmosphere for her clients to enjoy and achieve the salon experience her clients deserved and Barbara longed for.

Today the Salon now has a small team of Girls operating within the Salon with a continuing reputation for providing excellent service and value for money.

The team within the Salon continue to go the extra mile for their clients working all hours to ensure that the demands are met and standards are exceed.

2017 will be introducing new challenges and services being added to the company’s profile and we thank all those who have continued their journey with the team at Mlinko Hair Salon, and we look forward to many more years of working with you, and of course welcoming new faces and clients to the business.


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